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😉Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby Offers Crack Filling in Whitby, Ontario!

Cracks fall into two categories: static and moving. Static cracks are hairline flaws that only affect the surface, such as craze cracks and plastic shrinkage cracks. They typically require little or no repair, so yo...

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😉Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby Offers Opaque System in Whitby, Ontario!

Opaque system is accessible in multiple assortment of colors, with over 30+ colors to choose from. These systems can be installed with several broadcast options such as silica sand broadcast and Aluminium oxide pell...

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😎Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby Offers Flakes System in Whitby, Ontario!

Flakes system is accessible in multiple assortment of colors flakes options to get the desired result. We can even make custom colors and flakes mix to additionally modify your floor.

Decorative flakes consist of c...

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😎Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby Offers Covebase System in Whitby, Ontario!

Covebase system is a continuation of the epoxy floor that runs up the wall. It can be use with all types of finishes including epoxy opaque system, flakes system, quartz system & more. The cove radius makes this f...

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😉Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby Offers Covebase System in Whitby, Ontario!
Covebase system is a continuation of the epoxy floor that runs up the wall. It can be use with all types of finishes including epoxy opaque system, flakes system, quartz system & more. The cove radius makes this fl...

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😎Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby Offers Best Epoxy Flooring Products & Services in Ontario!

Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Whitby offers industrial, commercial, and residential epoxy flooring services for the Whitby, Ajax, Pickering and Oshawa area. When you our floor coating solutions, y...

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BOOM OTHER FULL FLAKE SYSTEMS DONE BY OUR TEAM TURN A 1000 SQ/FT CONCRETE TO A WONDERFUL AND DURABLE FLOOR. One of the most popular systems for concrete garage coatings in the industry!

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4 months ago
My experience with Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring was great! The contractor is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. He will take the time to sit down with you and talk about all of your options. I am glad that I found this company!
- Rhonda C
a year ago
Beautiful epoxy floors installed in our kitchen!
- Ray A
4 months ago
My experience of working with this company was amazing. They were always very professional and respectful throughout the entire process and in the end, my new epoxy floor is even better than I could have ever imagined.
- Noah G

Why Use Epoxy Flooring for your Garage

Homeowners these days are beginning to go for epoxy floor coatings for their garage floors. Part of the reason for this new trend is the fact that today’s homeowners will instead utilize their garages than leave them fallow to waste away. Garages are no longer seen as mere throwaway space for storing items not used daily. You can give your garage space that visual appeal and enjoy lots of other practical benefits by applying epoxy to your cement floor.

Here are some of the reasons why epoxy floor coating is an excellent alternative to the traditional cement floors:

Epoxy floor coating is extremely durable. Concrete might be sustainable, but it is also susceptible to chips and cracks. It is easily dented and vulnerable to stains from chemicals, oil, and other substances. Garage floors are also prone to wear and tear if not handled with care.

Epoxy coating provides your cement floor with a resistant and durable surface that can easily survive any assault to the floor from your everyday life. Apart from giving it that stylish look, epoxy coating will make your floor appear brand new even after years of continuous usage.

If you’re one of those DIY mechanics that enjoys working in the garage, there is no better choice for your garage floor than epoxy coating. Epoxy floors are easy to clean when you spill brake fluids, gas, or other harsh chemicals, all you have to do is wipe the floor and continue with what you’re doing.

With epoxy coating, you can easily hide all the imperfections on your floor and restore some of its luster. This coating will give your floor a uniform look and hide all the blemishes. Epoxy coating can even be used to fill up the cracks on the floor, thereby giving it a stronger surface.

Epoxy floor coating can also help keep your environment clean by reducing the amount of dust on your garage floor. Finding dust in a home garage is not uncommon. Concrete floors have a tendency to raise dust that eventually settles on the floor, making your floor cleaning process unnecessarily tedious. And this dust can often cause irritation for people with allergy and breathing problems.

Epoxy can also serve as a sealer, eliminating dust and making the cleaning and sweeping of your garage easier. The implication of this is that you can actually clean the floor without worrying about creating more dust.

Epoxy coating gives your floor a moisture-resistant surface. This is a major advantage especially for those living in snowy climate. This is because it is easy for salt and snow brine to accumulate on floors during winter, leaving the floor covered in salt and water rings that accumulate over time. However, epoxy coating makes it easier to mop up any excess moisture on the floor. And you can easily clean up any salt residue with a mixture of soap and water.

With less moisture, you don’t have to worry about the expending and contracting of your concreate floor when there is a change in weather conditions. This can protect the integrity of the floor and prevent cracks.
You can also add texture to boost safety. Although epoxy coating gives your floor a smooth and beautiful surface that looks very attractive, it can, however, get slippery when wet, which can be quite dangerous. Fortunately, this is easily handled by adding some slip-resistant aggregate to your epoxy coating. This gives the floor some level of friction and grip that prevents the floor from being to slippery.

Epoxy coating has some reflective properties that enhances light. Most garages are dark and cavernous. Sometimes, even strategically placed overhead lights cannot prevent the darkness that creeps over some corners of the room. Epoxy coatings has high glass options that can brighten your room by enhancing and reflecting both natural light and artificial light. With proper lighting, your garage will be a lot more welcoming and convenient to work in and you wouldn’t have to strain your eyes to see.

Epoxy coating is also good for the environment. Epoxy coating can preserve your existing floor so you don’t have to bother about replacing damaged cement floors by disposing and demolishing materials. This way, you can reuse those materials without creating extra waste.

With epoxy coating, you can add a little luxury to your garage and dress it up a little. And the best part about this process is that it also offers a lot of practical benefits in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Apart from giving you a nice-looking garage cement floor, it also gives you a brighter and more damage and water-resistant surface that will continue to look new for years to come.

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